SINCE 1976 ...

The forerunner of MRPA, the Marin Income Properties Association, was founded in the late 1970's. It was a nonprofit public benefit corporation under the laws of the State of California.

Early members were Marin County locals, many "mom and pop" teams, dealing for the first time with property ownership and management.  Participants leveraged their hard work and the technologies available at the time:

  • the landline was the device for communication,
  • the typewriter was the tool for written material, 
  • the ledger notebook was the means for book-keeping, and
  •  the library was the venue for informational searches.

Guest speakers at meetings included real-estate professionals,  financial advisers, attorneys, and other business people.  Members learned to help each other find solutions to the challenges of operating and managing rental properties.

As the organization grew and matured, it worked with members of the public, with business leaders, with town councils, and with the county supervisors to improve cooperation and understanding.

The 2000's brought new challenges.
Property management became more complex, with new technologies, new interests, and new regulations.  Down swings in the economy affected lives, occupancy, and investment.  The forces of nature brought disruption and trials to neighborhoods and communities.  As the economy of the Bay Area continued to grow, so too did the demand for residential housing. 

In response to these challenges, our members adapted, reached out, and contributed their efforts. We worked closely with local leaders and other organizations to raise awareness and understanding and to develop solutions for the benefit of the community.

In recent years, our speaker sessions were expanded to include a broader set of individuals and service providers.  Guest speakers included architects, property management companies, national park staff, museum curators, etc.

In 2017, the organization was formally renamed to the Marin Rental Property Association to reflect our specific industry.