Marin Rental Property Association

The Marin Rental Property Association (MRPA) is Marin County's local association serving rental owners and managers for over 40 years. Our mission is to provide our members with resources and expertise to enable mutual success in operating & managing rental properties.  

Connect with others in the Marin community encountering the same challenges you face.

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About MRPA

We are a local association protecting your interests in the rental housing industry.

Members  are responsible professionals and business people that include property owners, property managers, landlords, service providers, and others. An individual does not need to own or manage rental property in order to be a member.

Member Resources

Members gain easy access to a variety of resources that can save them time and money.

At our meetings, we discuss important issues related to owning and managing rental property. We review local trends and new legal requirements. Members reveal best practices and useful tools based on their experiences. We introduce and network with a vital set of individuals and companies.



MRPA typically convenes evening meetings every other month at the McGinnis Golf Center in San Rafael, California. The Center has been a great partner and a gracious host.

Persons interested in joining MRPA may attend one of these meetings as a guest at no charge. Please refer to the "Events" section for our current schedule.