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San Rafael City Council: Hearing for Rental Ordinances

  • San Rafael City Council 1400 Fifth Avenue, Room 203 San Rafael, CA 94901 (map)

The City of San Rafael will be hosting a public hearing at 7pm in the San Rafael City Council Chambers to consider two ordinances to amend the San Rafael Municipal Code.

One ordinance would add new Chapter 10.100, entitled “Rental Housing Dispute Program”, and the other ordinance would add new Chapter 10.105, entitled “Cause Required for Eviction.”

From the City:

The “Rental Housing Dispute Program” ordinance would allow landlords and tenants in rental housing to request a mediation process for proposed rent increases of five percent (5%) or more within a 12-month period and would make both parties’ participation in that mediation mandatory. Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party facilitates the negotiation of a mutually acceptable resolution to a dispute between parties. The parties might not reach such a mutually acceptable resolution, however under the ordinance as proposed, they would be required to participate in the process in good faith. The goal of this ordinance is to facilitate constructive conversations between landlords and tenants in a neutral and accountable environment.

The “Cause Required for Eviction” ordinance is intended to provide stability for households who rent by regulating the grounds for eviction, by prohibiting termination of a residential tenancy without an expressly stated and valid reason. The ordinance is intended to promote greater awareness of the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants and to provide a clear and transparent process for evictions and lease terminations. The ordinance would not interfere with state processes governing the eviction itself.

You may comment on the proposed ordinances in person at the public hearing or submit written comments, which must be received by the City prior to the hearing. Written comments should be sent to Lindsay Lara, City Clerk, City of San Rafael, P.O. Box 151560, San Rafael, CA 94915-1560, City of San Rafael, 1400 Fifth Avenue, Room 209, San Rafael, CA 94901.